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Hoe koppel ik mijn oordopjes aan mijn telefoon of computer via bluetooth?

How do I pair my earbuds to my phone or computer via bluetooth?

You've purchased new earbuds. But before you can start listening, they need to be paired with your phone or other device. Since most wireless earbuds are paired with a smartphone, we explain that process in this article.

Even with all the information available, pairing your earbuds can be tremendously difficult. Also, you may be trying to pair the earbuds with a special device such as an instrument, console, e-book or mp3 player. Therefore, we can also provide customized advice via Whatsapp, phone or chat.

Brief explanation

Usually pairing your earbuds is not complicated. Manufacturers do everything they can to make this as easy as possible, but sometimes it doesn't work. Therefore, we have listed some tips to increase the chances that it goes right the first time.

Tip 1: Pairing can go wrong if the battery of your earphones is low. Make sure they are well charged.

Tip 2: Sometimes there are errors in an operating system. Make sure you have the latest operating system updates installed on your phone to rule this out.

Tip 3: Make sure your phone is also properly charged to prevent it from dropping out during pairing, around 60%.

It doesn't work? Then follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Open your settings

Open the 'Settings' app. Often this is an app with a cog icon.

Step 2 - Tap the Bluetooth heading

Now open the Bluetooth settings screen by tapping on it.

Step 3 - Turn on Bluetooth

Now open the Bluetooth settings screen by tapping here. If the slider is 'open' or green your Bluetooth is on.

Step 4 - Turn on your wireless earbuds

Now make sure your earbuds are turned on. With fully wireless earbuds, it sometimes varies whether the earbuds need to be taken out of the charging case or placed in the charging case, please consult the manual for this. New earbuds automatically enter discoverable mode the first time they are turned on.

If your earbuds are not new or you want to pair them again, you must put them into discoverable mode. Often you do this by pressing the on button longer, usually this is accompanied by a sound signal when the discoverable mode is on. If this does not work you can consult the manual.

Step 5 - Make sure the earbuds are close to the phone

If your earbuds are on (in detectable mode) they will appear in your phone after a short time. Usually they have the name of the model. If you tap on this name the phone will make a connection.

When the connection has been made it will say 'connected'.

Step 6 - Enjoy your music!

You can now try to play music. Of course it works if you hear the music through the earbuds. Did it not work? Try our troubleshooter.

You can also check out our solutions page.

Or contact us via chat, Whatsapp or by phone at 088-0282000.

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